<Work in progress>

Website created by me, Kelvin Soh. I’d add a profile and talk more about myself as I update the site. Hopefully I can cover at least half of the syllabus on this website before the 2018 end of year examinations.

The website hosting, along with domain registration, is done with DreamHost. WordPress is the underlying CMS.

The theme is Luminescence by Styled Themes, with a few cobbled-together modifications of my own.

LaTeX and MathJax handles the math notations, both on the site and in creating the worksheets. Calculator screenshots are taken using TI CE Connect and dynamic graphs are done by Desmos

I modified code from W3Schools for “tooltips” and Kyle Brumm for the “accordion” presentation. 

WordPress plugins: Disable CommentsDon’t Muck My MarkupFooBox Image LightboxFooGalleryJetpackMathJax-LatexTinyMCE AdvancedWP Back Button.

Syllabus and the MF26 Formula list can be found at SEAB. While the math content here is timeless and can be accessed by anyone with the appropriate background, it is structured towards the “A” levels Mathematics Higher 2 (H2 2017) syllabus 9758. 

This website is dedicated to all my students, past and present. I am very lucky to be able to discuss what I love for a living with them and they are often the “guinea pigs” for projects such as this, spotting typos, errors and helping me see what works and what doesn’t.

Thanks to all my teachers (from classes, books and the internet). Thanks to Yi Shan for her suggestions on improving the site.