HW 7th August


Files 5th August


HW 30th July-6th August


Files 29th Jul – 6th Aug

HW 23rd-30th July: Comments

  • Q10a,b) Perfect!
  • Q10c) Answer correct, but try to “signpost” answer
  • Q10d) Answer in degrees: 1dp. Also, finding angle of elevation will be faster.
  • Q6ai) Perfect.
  • Q6aii) Extra “0” in front for bearing
  • Q6b) 3sf final answer
  • Q6ci) “Signpost answer”
  • Q6cii) Good
  • Mensuration Q6a) Perfect.
  • We’d discuss Q6b and Q16 together.

HW 23rd-30th July

HW 13-23rd July: Comments

Generally well done! Keep up the good work. I’ve written specific comments below but generally I think you’ve gotten the key ideas. Main thing to be careful is for final answers: remember to put in units (and the correct one!) and leave non-exact final answers to 3sf (most answers) and 1dp (answer in degrees).

  • Q2a) Missed out the units (m) behind.
  • Q2b) Careless: if you compare your working and the diagram, the length should be 2.6, not 2.3. Also missing the units (degree) at the end.
  • Q2c) Good.
  • Q9) Good.
  • Q8a,b) Good.
  • We’d discuss Q8c together in class
  • Q8d) Wrong units: should be degrees instead of m
  • Q12a) Good.
  • Q12b) Answer and presentation is good, but should leave final answer to 3sf (1810 $m^2$).
  • Q12c) Good
  • Q12d) Good
  • Q12e) Missed the unit (degrees), but otherwise good

HW for 13-23rd July: Q2,8,9,12 Trigo_Qns_1
Qns I want to comment on during lesson:

  • Q2b, 9b, Q8c, d, Q12c

Notes and questions

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