Ethan Ng

19th March

  • VJC 2019
  • P1 Q2: Integration techniques
  • P1 Q5: Vectors I
  • P1 Q9(i): Complex
  • P1 Q9(ii): Complex
  • P1 Q10: Vectors II
  • P1 Q11(iv): Integration applications
  • P1 Q12: DE
  • P2 Q1: Integration techniques
  • P2 Q2: Sigma notation
  • P2 Q3: Functions
  • P2 Q4(iii),(iv): Integration applications
  • P2 Q5: P&C
  • P2 Q6: Probability

27th Feb

6th-19th Feb

30th January Plan

23rd January Plan

Past Promo Papers

Solutions to be uploaded as and when we work on these papers.

HW for 12th August


HW for 2nd August

HW for 23rd July

HW for 18th June

Plan for 18th June

  • Clear any doubts from over the week
  • Discussion on last part of vectors: relationships between two lines, relationships between a line and a plane
  • Work on some Vectors questions together Vectors June 2020 Lines and Planes
  • Start looking towards the recent/next topic
  • There will be a few HW questions on Vectors for this week to reinforce the ideas we've discussed (TBD)

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