Trigo (graphs) worksheet


Practice 30th July-4th August


Practice 25th-28th July


Practice 9th-14th July


Practice 24th-30th June


Practice 24th-30th June

Q3-6 Proportion
Q1-4 AMath_24th_June

Practice for 3rd – 9th June

  • EMath: 1 full paper: paper 1 + paper 2
  • AMath: 1 paper
  • AMath: One more topical practice topic
  • Circles A Math Circles

Practice for 26th May – 2nd June

  • EMath: 2019 TYS
  • AMath: One more topical practice topic
  • Bowen 2019 P1 Q2,6,8,9

Collection of other school papers

Collection of older TYS topical practices

Collection of topical practices compiled from other school prelims

5th May

HW for 21st-28th April

Plan for 21st April

HW for 14th-21st April

HW for 7th-12th April

Plan for 7th April:

I will be placing the files I’d be using during this period of time in the Google Drive here: Google Drive Link

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