Plan for 26th April

  • Functions Notes and Qns
  • Sets
  • Function basics: definition, domain and range
  • Inverse functions
    • Existence
    • Domain and range
    • Formula
    • Relationship between $f$ and $f^{-1}$
  • Composite functions
    • Existence
    • Domain and range
    • Formula
    • $f^2(x), f^3(x), ff^{-1}, f^{-1}f$
  • Advanced ideas: self-inverse
  • Advanced ideas: piece-wise functions

Plan for 11th April

  • Curve Sketching Companion Questions
    • GC techniques
    • Asymptotes and rational functions (fractions)
    • Common follow up techniques: from graph, discriminant
      • To practice on discriminant:
    • Parametric equations: curve sketching, changing to cartesian
    • Conics: curve sketching, asymptotes, completing the square

Summary notes

  • These are the summary notes for the pure math section of our syllabus: Notes – Elements of H2 A Level Math
  • A brief summary of our current topic is one page 3 under the two boxes “Asymptotes” (Top left) and “Conics” (Top right)
  • The discussion on parametric equations is summarized in page 5 under “Parametric equations” (the only relevant point at the moment is to remember to change “tMin” and “tMax” in the “window” screen

HW plan

  • School tutorial

Zoom meeting link

Zoom Meeting Link

Meeting ID: 417 847 7601
Password: 117964

Google drive

I will be placing the files I’d be using during this period of time in the Google Drive here: Google Drive Link