Behind the curtain

A brief glimpse “behind the curtain”: the setup I use during zoom video classes!

The lockdown/circuit breaker sure has brought its shares of challenges in teaching and learning. Lessons are certainly slightly less effective without the physical interactive component: I can’t just look over students’ shoulder and check on their progress, and it’s definitely been harder to gauge how my explanations are faring without the feedback from non-verbal cues. Not to mention the occasional lag and technical difficulties.

When we first moved to home based learning I initially tweaked my home computer setup that I used to record youtube video and incorporated a whiteboard to show my working. My monitors were positioned differently and I was suffering from really bad neck strain after classes. After tinkering here and there I think I’ve arrived at a setup I’m pretty satisfied with. I’m looking to incorporate more chalk and blackboard vs markers and whiteboard (I’ve found chalk dust to be a lot more easily managed than marker fumes/marker ink and dust), and I could always improve the workflow in terms of how I access things on the computer to show during class. But yeah, let’s work hard together over this period!